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Frequently Asked Questions

  • The date of manufacture, date of arrival and expiry date may be different by individual product.

    The expiry date for each product is printed in the page on product specifications. It is also printed at the bottom of the product.

    Appropriate products will be shipped in accordance with the quality criteria of ABOUT ME products, and the most recently stocked products will be shipped first in order.


    Please consult 1:1 Inquiry for any questions about an individual product.  

  • 1. The product has been hardened

    Unlike other pack products with antiseptics, the Real Fresh Pack consists of 100 % natural ingredients, containing moisturizer extracted from powerful sugars and starch that absorbs moisture at once. Therefore, it is vulnerable to humidity and heat, compared to other general cosmetics. Please keep it at room temperature after purchase, and shake the container several times before use.   


    2. How often shall I use the product?

    Unlike other pack products used 2~3 times in a week, you may use the Real Fresh Pack every day because it consists of 100% natural ingredients into the formula that has maximally removed the elements that may cause skin irritation.  

    3. I have opened the product and I see red and blue particles. What are these?

    The Real Fresh Pack is a 100% natural product with no artificial colors, and the red and blue particles are the natural pigment extracted from gardenia. Please be assured that these particles will be naturally dissolved in water. Please refer to the cautions at the back of the container

    4. The white powders have been hardened and I can’t soften them.  


    The white powders as a component of the Real Fresh Pack are 100% natural moisturizer derived from corns and sugars, with the power to pull and absorb moisture in a flash. If it is mixed with water, it may be hardened for a moment. If you mix it with essence and leave it for approximately 1-3 minutes, instead of just keep mixing, the product will be dissolved by itself and become the comfortable formula to use. Also, the available ingredients will be also activated to make it even more effective.   

  • Yes, we recommend to use it after washing your face in order to remove the skin wastes and dead skin cells. You may also use it after wiping your face with Skin Tone Up Fresh Water. 

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