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Essential Pomegranate Mask Sheet

Product Description
Product Features

Skin elasticity mask tightens your skin with pomegranate extract

  • 1

    Elastic and Tightening Mask
    Keeps your skin tight and elastic with pomegranate extract

  • 2

    100% Pure Cotton Sheet
    With 100% pure cotton without florescent pigments, natural cotton seeds may be visible on the material

  • 3

    Ok for sensitive skin
    Nature-friendly sheet, works fine on sensitive skin

  • 4

    Intense supply of beauty ingredients
    Closely sticks to skin to intensely supply beauty ingredients

How to Use
  • 1

    Apply skin or toner on cleansed face

  • 2

    Open the product and apply it across your face from eyes and lips, and ensure good contact with skin

  • 3

    Remove the mask after about 15-20 minutes and gently tap the residue on your face to aid absorption.

    Please read How to Use and cautions carefully before use.


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